Olga Gasparian was born in 1970 in Jekaterinenburg in Russia and became a member of St.Perersburg Guild of Master Artists in 1993. She had exhibitions in a number of countries, including the Netherlands, Belguim, Germany, Switzerland, France and Russia. Olga makes symbolic paintings in which historical elements can be seen, and these elements evoke a powerful mood. Her oeuvre addresses to the world that is invisible for physical vision but relates to the soul of every person. Closed, secret, hidden garden of Eden is a dream of humanity since the memories of the lost paradise always touch our soul and heart.

Personal Exhibitions:
2000 Duigalerie, Domburg, the Netherlands
2003 Barlett, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2003 Heaven of Earth, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2006 Exposition in St. Reghthuys, the Netherlands
2007 Gallery of Arts, Dendermonde, Belgium
2009 Kunsthandel AmstelArt, Hemstede, the Netherlands
2010 Dune, Domburg, the Netherlands
2010 L Arcu , Skye Hoeve, the Netherlands
2010 S.P.A.S., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012 Dune Domburg, The Netherlands
2013 S.P.A.S. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 Art Gallery 15, Paris, France
2016 Museum der Stadt Zerbst, Germany

Group Exhibitions:
1994 Exhibition of artists of Saint-Petersburg, Hamburg, Germany
1999 Karetny Elagin palace-museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2000 Kunstschouw, den Burg, the Netherlands |
2001 Kunstschouw, Renesse, the Netherlands
2003 Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2004 Gallery 45, Westdorpe, the Netherlands
2004 Librant, Libramont, Belgium
2004 Schildersweek, Domburg, the Netherlands
2007 Goda, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008 Simine Garib, Antibe, France
2008 Art Manege, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2009 De Heeren van Voorburg, Deventer, the Netherlands
2009 The Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2010 Russian in Florence, Florence, Italy
2010 Art Fair Utrecht, the Netherlands
2010 Art Fair, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2012 Duigalerie, Domburg, the Netherlands
2014 Art gallery 15, Paris, France
2014 AmsterArt, Hemstede, the Netherlands
2015 EuropeArtFair, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2016 ArtNordic, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 Mensch & Pferd, Lambach, Austria
2016 Zone, Leiden, the Netherlands
2016 Adaf, Amsterdam Art Fair, the Netherlands